1. The concert Quartet for the End of Time by French composer Olivier Messiaen in collaboration with The civil association O. z. Sonáta from Bratislava. The concert will be a “living” remembrance of the horrors of the concentration camps during the Second World War and of the racial hatred. It will point out to the power of human might, evil and hate which are present even today in different forms and versions.

The soloists: renowned Slovak artists Juraj Tomka – violin, Andrej Gál – cello, Martin Adámek – clarinet, Zuzana Biščáková – piano, Kamil Mikulčík – spoken word

2. The concert of the music group Mojše Band – young musicians researching and performing Jewish music of Slovakia, especially of the Spiš region;

The soloists: Michal Paľko – cymbalo, singing, František Kubiš – accordion, Jakub Stračina – contrabass, Lukasz Labusga – tuba